artist (text/image/performance) 

ritualist & deathworker

I am a (newly) New-Orleans-based collaborative & solo artist. I am interested in new connections and inspirations. I believe in making things, and in making things that serve a purpose. I am a witch, a Buddhist, a skeptical agnostic, a secular humanist, an occasional mystic, a hospice worker, a dancer around fires, a shaper, a night-owl, a cemetery wanderer and I read until my eyes bleed.

I want to make the best work that I can, including the piece of work that is me. I want to support everyone else in doing the same. 

I am interested in true collaboration; in honest, risky work; in experimental & classical forms. I expect, and provide, a professional work ethic. Rigor and compassion are both important parts of my process.

I work for compensation. Compensation is not always the same thing as money. I am most interested in access: to projects that excite me and collaborators that inspire me.

Examples of my creative and collaborative work can be found on the relevant pages. 

Like many artists, I have developed complementary practical skills to help support myself, and the organizations I care about. My administrative resume is available on request.

Disclaimer: A new city seems to call for a new website. And a new social media presence. 2017 work is represented here. I'm filling in the rest as fast as I can.

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