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Dos Coyotes

Stepping back into stage management as a favor to a friend, Kurt Opprecht. I joined the company the week of opening, and ran his New Orleans stage debut (as a playwright). I hadn't thought I do this job again, but you help friends out, in this business. And it felt good, I have to admit, to flex and competent muscle.

Also got inside another venue that's been intriguing me for over a year now... the Fortress of Lushington. How I love these ad hoc spaces. Thanks are owed to many folks, as per usual in this collaborative medium. The director, the designers, the excellent cast. Special thanks to Bunny for the selfless task of running a community creative space, and to Erik for being my entire tech crew.

Photo credit to Kurt, who may not realize how unusual it is for me to tolerate a photo someone else takes of me.


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