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Hecate: The Wisdom of Cycles

September 25, 2017

image (c) laurie rae dietrich 2017

artwork by River Roberts & Wren Anjali

Just concluded Expanding Inward's autumn intensive. As always, the facilitation team came into the weekend with a loosely-held set of ideas about the wisdom encoded in the story we have chosen to work with. And, as always, those ideas shifted and grew richer in the cauldron of community.

In the end, we entered into Her temple and were offered a wordless mystery. This revelation, these words, are just one interpretation. Mine.

We have learned - in contradiction to our immediate experience - that the earth is round. Follow any line far enough, you'll meet yourself again. There are no straight lines on a globe. All is cycles. All returns, and spirals, and begins again. But that is a perspective available from very far away. A gods-eye view.

two torches

one shows you everything that will comfort you

one shows you everything that will not

as a goddess of knowledge she stands at the crossroads

illuminating your moment of choice

as a goddess of wisdom she holds this secret:

the path you choose does not run straight.

beyond the horizon it curves

joins the others

joins the dance

the cycle

for everything is Choice and nothing is Chosen

and both are True


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