• laurie

Second Lining

Waiting on the neutral ground. Watching the police lights spin in the near distance, in this case a happy sight. The parade is coming! Erik points out the guy who has climbed to the top of the railroad crossing girders and is perched there, dancing.

Walking past us, a young woman and a little girl. The little one is squirming. Wants to get down. When she does she toddles past us, then stops, looking, like we are, at the place where the wheeling lights and the beat and brass make a party. She is in pink, which looks lovely against her dark skin, and in one hand she holds a couple of one-sheets, picked up from who knows where, with the title "The Truth About Slavery".

A gust of wind comes up and pulls them out of her grasp. She doesn't even notice. They flutter past us, settle on the grass. The two walk on. We raise our cameras. The parade is coming!

More pics here.


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