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The Priestess Arts: Tools for These Times

May 7, 2017

image credit: Expanding Inward

Wrapping up the Expanding Inward spring intensive in Kansas City. We worked with the four elemental Priestess Arts as taught by Cynthea Jones & Patricia Storm of Diana's Grove Mystery School.

From the event page:

Some magical traditions require the initiate to make a tool for each element. That which is and represents, the tool is more than an exercise, it is a process that creates something necessary for the work that lies ahead. What if… what if…
What if… you are the tool? — Cynthea Jones, Playing for the Song

The Priestess Arts of Diana’s Grove are the elemental tools that we become, when we dedicate ourselves to embodying our values. They are the way we give the things we believe in hands, and feet, and voice, and the ability to walk around in the world.

When Change is needed, the Priestess Arts are the Tools that let us Be the Change.

The Priestess Art of Air: Officiating Sacred Rites. Particularly the Sacred Rite of Communication - speaking & listening.

The Priestess Art of Fire: Leading Others to Their Own Discovery

The Priestess Art of Water: Acting as Healer

The Priestess Art of Earth: Relentless Support of the Sacred Made Present

Leading to Discovery was, for me, the heart of what I learned at the Grove, and of why what I learned at the Grove was different from what I learned anywhere else. It’s a good fit with my Buddhist practice, which includes the belief that everyone (yes, everyone!) is inherently, in essence, good. The obscurations that get in the way of that goodness are dirt on the glass. Trying to hold that belief can be overwhelming, but then I remember: I don’t have to figure out your Truth, or persuade you of mine. All I have to do is make space for you to find your own, deepest knowing. That’s where change can arise.


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