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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Packing today. Using lists, mostly. Four bins. All that will fit in my car, and leave room for me, and the dogs. Clothes. Just summer clothes. Toiletries and medicines. Electronics and ritual items. Pet supplies.

What can members do?

Erik will bring the kitchen things in his truck. Along with his things. And pantry staples. And the cat. Somewhere we'll fit bedding, the vacuum cleaner. We're hoping there'll be room in the pickup bed for the bikes.


Most of this is planned. But you can't plan the packing of the ritual box.

Away for six months. Away from home. Away from my altars. Away for much of hurricane season. Away with as little as we can possibly take.

So what do I need to take? For magical work? What is the magical work of this time? Besides descent, of course. Descent and (hopefully) renewal.

I know about two workings I'm planning. I pack the things for those. I know I need to create a connection to my home altars, and so now there are little bowls with life everlasting herb, on each, and another that is coming with me. Then, I just begin to run my hands and eyes over everything in my cabinets, my bookshelves, my altar spaces. What else needs to come with me? That I can't even imagine, now, that I might need?

Crossroads dirt. A mirror. Two sets of rosary beads, one of black pearl, the other of snake vertebrae. Feeding potion, Road Opener and Magnetism oils. Two oracles - no, three - cards, pendulum, and stones. A felt. Myrrh. One small, gold taper. The pendants that make up my traveling altar, a sort of magical charm bracelet. This one is for Death. This for Hekate. This for my city. This for my bones and blood. One for love and one for passion and one for loss. One for the work of my self. One for my work in the world.

Pack in a box that will become an altar, in the empty house in Texas. Wrap with fabric that will be an altar cloth. Two books, devotionals. And two images, and these surprise me. Well, one does.

One is connected to a piece of work I plan to do. The other, though... I think she's the real story.

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