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Priestess/Teacher (Mnemosyne)

I am a Diana’s Grove-trained Priestess, a Reclaiming Witch and teacher (my home camp community is Spiralheart), and a secular Buddhist.


I hold degrees in the Lycian and Sibylline traditions.


I work with Hekate, Ananke, the folk magic of my ancestors, and the roots and energies of the place where I live.

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Summer 2022

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Unwinding the Elements:

A Death Rehearsal

Spiralheart Witchcamp

July 11-17, 2022

Why do we fear change? Because we fear death. Why do we fear Death? Because we fear change. How then do we live a full human life - subject to constant change - in partnership with the natural world, also subject to constant change?

How do we work the magic of necessary change with integrity? Deathwork is the personal and community practice of coming into healthier relationship with our mortality, and that of those we love.

How can we live our fullest, most powerful, most change-embracing lives? Join us, held in sacred space, as we utilize our tools of Reclaiming transformation, magically walking the path to our own death.

We’ll spend a week learning, sharing, and experiencing how to accept the inevitability of our own deaths with grace, and how to support the dying process of others, in the context of the Elements of Life, of enjoying fully and using skillfully these Elements that will one day be taken from us.

Facilitated by Boneweaver & Mnemosyne

Spiraling Inward

August 11-14, 2022

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